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Wholesale Bar Towels

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Whenever there’s a spill, you can't go wrong by grabbing a freshly laundered all-purpose wholesale kitchen towels to clean or mop up the mess. Various styles suited for home kitchen, bars, restaurants, bakery, hotels, hospitals, schools & other businesses. With these commercial grade, lightweight, sturdy towels you will no longer search for another brand.   

  • 100% Cotton Full Terry Cloth Bar Mops
  • 17 x 20
  • Weight Per Dozen
    • 24 oz.
    • 30 oz.
    • 32 oz.
  • Economy Kitchen Towels & Dishcloths
  • Available in White Full Terry, White Ribbed, White with Blue Center Stripe, and White with Gold Center Stripe

                                                              Wholesale Bar Towels
                                                              SKU# DESCRIPTION SIZE(Measurements) PACK SIZE QTY TOTAL  
                                                              BM-1624FT White-Full Terry 17 x 20 24 Oz. 50 DZ $230.50
                                                              BMFT30 White-Full Terry 17 X 20 30 Oz. 50 DZ $288.00
                                                              BM1928B White W/ Center Stripe Blue 17 X20 32 Oz. Blue Center Stripe 50 DZ $316.00
                                                              LERKFF White W/ Center Stripe Gold 17 x 20 32 Oz. Gold Center Stripe 50 DZ $316.00

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