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Napkins 20 x 20 Spun 2 Ply MJS Polyester


MagicSpun Economy Napkins made out of 100% SpunMJS Polyester.

  • 6.8 oz sq/yd Spun MJS Polyester
  • Wholesale Napkins in Case Quantities of 144 or Choose Packs of 12
                                                                                      Quantity must be 1 or more

                                                                                      Napkins 20 x 20 Spun 2 Ply MJS Polyester
                                                                                      SKU# DESCRIPTION UNIT PRICE CHOOSE PACK SIZE QTY TOTAL  
                                                                                      MS2020 $126.12 white Item
                                                                                      MS2020AGR $145.92 Apple Green Item
                                                                                      MS2020BL $145.92 black Item
                                                                                      MS2020BU $145.92 Burgundy Item
                                                                                      MS2020CB $145.92 chocolate brown Item
                                                                                      MS2020CY $145.92 Corn Yellow Item
                                                                                      MS2020DBL $145.92 Deep Blue Item
                                                                                      MS2020FG $145.92 Forest Green Item
                                                                                      MS2020GO $145.92 Gold Item
                                                                                      MS2020HG $145.92 Hunter Green Item
                                                                                      MS2020I $145.92 ivory Item
                                                                                      MS2020DR $145.92 Dusty Rose Item
                                                                                      MS2020NB $145.92 Navy Blue Item
                                                                                      MS2020P $145.92 Peach Item
                                                                                      MS2020PB $145.92 Poolside Blue Item
                                                                                      MS2020PI $145.92 Pink Item
                                                                                      MS2020PU $145.92 Purple Item
                                                                                      MS2020R $145.92 ReD Item
                                                                                      MS2020RB $145.92 Royal BluE Item
                                                                                      MS2020RT $145.92 Rust Item
                                                                                      MS2020SG $145.92 Sea foam Item
                                                                                      MS2020SW $145.92 Sandal WooD Item
                                                                                      MS2020TE $145.92 Teal Item
                                                                                      MS2020WB $145.92 Wedgewood Blue Item

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