Bulk Recycled Colored T-ShirtRags 10lb Case - StarTex

Bulk Recycled Colored T-ShirtRags 10lb Case

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Since 1917 Star Industrial Supplies has been recycling used clothing into t-shirt rags for multiple sectors across the United States. For 100 years we have been recycling textiles to keep them out of landfills and back into use. Our sustainable initiatives has allowed us to recycled over 15 million pounds of textiles per year. Our commitment to more sustainable cleaning options makes us an industry leader in textile recycling. These rags are perfect for painters, oil spills, cleaning grease and other general purpose cleaning. By shopping bulk pricing you are getting the best deal guaranteed. And nothing beats free shipping.
  • Low lint, soft and highly absorbent
  • Best-selling low cost rag
  • No buttons or zippers
  • Ideal for oil spills, grease and other general cleaning needs
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Sizes will vary
  • Recycled, cut and packaged in the USA
  • Mixed colors