Microfiber Bar Towel

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Made for Restaurants and Bars!

Our microfiber bar mops are made to clean tough counters, dry off chairs, and even leave streak free windows. These towels are highly absorbent making them an all purpose towel around the kitchen.

Longer lasting than Cotton Bar Mops

Cotton bar mops come no where near the durability and quality as a microfiber bar mop. These microfiber bar mops will last hundreds of washes, compared to cotton bar mops that last only 20-30 washes.

Color Coded to Prevent Cross-Contamination

With multiple color options you can decide what color cleans a certain parts of your restaurant or bar. By being able to color code sections of your kitchen you are able to keep a safe and clean environment. Prevent cross contamination with color coded microfiber bar towels today!

No Chemicals Needed!

Save the extra costs of unnecessary chemicals in your restaurant. Our microfiber bar mops don't need any harmful chemicals to get the job done. Just use water on your countertop to clean, wring it out when you are done!
  • More economical and great value
  • Size: 16x19
  • Ribbed for tougher cleaning
  • About 28 oz. Per dozen
  • All sides are hemmed
  • Staple in the restaurant industry
  • Towels will fluff and become softer after being washed
  • Ideal for janitorial cleaning, hotels, industrial and food service cleaning
  • Sold by the dozen
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Microfiber Bar Towel - StarTex
Microfiber Bar Towel - StarTex
Microfiber Bar Towel - StarTex
Microfiber Bar Towel - StarTex
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