Oxford Bellezza Towels

Oxford Bellezza Towels


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Bellezza is Italian for beauty. A perfect way to describe these 100% ringspun cotton dobby border collection of towels. This collection of towels are considered a premium collection and are perfect for spas, hotels, resorts, and other hospitality functions. ALL TOWELS ARE SOLD BY THE DOZEN


 WASHCLOTH 13X13 1.5 LB. 
HAND TOWEL 16X30 4.5 LB. 
BATH TOWEL 27X54 14 LB. 
BATH TOWEL 27X54 15 LB. 
BATH TOWEL 27X54 17 LB. 
BATH MAT 20X30 7 LB. 
BATH MAT 22X34 9.5 LB