Microfiber 16x16 Waffle Weave Cloth

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  • Waffle weave cloths are textured for even more absorbency, and tougher cleaning
  • Line free and extremely absorbent
  • Ideal for car washes as and window cleaning services
  • No need for harmful chemicals, just use water
  • Launder up to 500 times
  • Wash separately in cool water, and dry on low heat
  • Size: 16x16
  • Sold by the Dozen
Absorbent and Tough! The ridges on our microfiber waffle weave cloth are makes this a great scrubbing cloth. Instead of wasting time on tough clean up jobs, try this one on for size. The weaves is in the cloth are designed to scrub out tough stains or messy counters. Launder up to 500 times! By being able to launder this cloth over 500 times you will save time and money. Other cheap retail brands will not last as long or be as effective. Why waste money on something thats not going to get the job done? Find out what this cloth can do for you!
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Microfiber 16x16 Waffle Weave Cloth - StarTex
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