Premium Center Stripe Bar Towels 17x20

Premium Center Stripe Bar Towels 17x20

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A MUST HAVE FOR BARS AND RESTAURANTS!  Premium bar towels are a staple at every bar and restaurant. These 100% cotton terry bar towels are highly absorbent, and are premium quality. Cleaning spills and counters are easy with our premium bar mops.

COLOR CODED TO PREVENT CROSS-CONTAMINATION! At Star Industrial we know you want to keep your kitchen clean and safe of potential harmful chemicals and safety violations. With color coded options we can do just that. Keep certain colors for certain areas of your restaurant or bar to prevent cross contamination.

PRE WASHED AND READY TO USE! Our Terry bar towels are pre-washed and ready to use. By selling them by the dozen you are getting the best value and bang for your buck. The more you wash and use them the softer and more absorbent they become.

  • Size: 17x20
  • SOLD In Packs Of 60
  • About 32 oz. Per dz.
  • Striped for color coded cleaning to help prevent cross contamination
  • Uniform, durable and absorbent
  • Hemmed on all sides
  • Towels will fluff after being washed, the more they are washed the softer they become
  • Staple in restaurant industry
  • Ideal for janitorial cleaning, hotels, industrial and food service cleaning
  • 100% cotton