16x27 Gym Hand Towels

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1..9 Dozen $12.99 Per Dozen
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20 and up Dozen $10.99 Per Dozen

  • Cam Border
  • 3lb/Dozen
  • 86% Cotton 14% Polyester
  • Premium Quality
  • Top Selling Towel

White Hand Towels

Our premium blend of white hand towels are ideal for professional and home use. They work great as a gym towel, salon towels, spa towel, hotel towel, and other applications. These versatile towels can be used to pamper your guests, or used for quick cleanups. Our towels are perfect for treating your customers like royalty, or to cleanup spills around your home. Our towels are bright white so you can match with any type of decor you use in your home or business.

Why Use Premium?

Our premium towels are thicker, softer and more absorbent. They are a perfect combination of value and quality. If you own a spa, gym, or salon and want to treat your customers right, then these are the towels for you. These will prove to be a great investment as these towels are long lasting and very durable.

Towels That Exceed Any Industry’s Requirements

If you’re a business owner, you know the significance of a quality product. You need a towel that works as hard as you do. Our premium white hand towels are a must-have staple for any business. Their classic white design ensures they’re always in style, and they complement any preexisting color scheme or décor. With durability and versatility, our wholesale hand towels are perfect for the following businesses and industries:

  • Gyms: Your clients work hard, and their towels should, too. While at the gym, sweating is not only inevitable, but it’s a necessary result of any great workout. Our wholesale white hand towels are made from 86% cotton and 14% polyester which means moisture is quickly wiped up without leaving a soggy or damp feeling behind. With compact measurements, our premium white hand towels are the perfect addition to any locker room, front entrance or gym counter top where clients can easily pick up a cloth to keep up with them during their workout.
  • Barbershops and hair salons: Our line of premium white hand towels are made in convenient 16” X 27” proportions that make them an excellent fit to cushion your clients’ heads with when they’re leaning against shampoo and rinsing bowls. For those patrons who skip the lathering and go straight for the cut, these hand towels are the perfect addition to a barber’s countertop where clients can easily reach for a freshly laundered smooth cloth to wipe off remaining hairs.
  • Tanning salons: Throughout the day, you use an endless array of towels to wipe up spills, spruce up countertops and dry off your hands after cleaning up all of the day’s messes. Our premium white hand towels are versatile enough to handle tough spills while also providing smooth fluffy softness for clients’ skin and hands when drying up after washing
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    16x27 Gym Hand Towels - StarTex
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